The WTFJHT is a daily news podcast that chronicles the daily shock and awe in national politics. Listen in moderation. Brough to you by Matt Kiser and Joe Amditis.

The goal is to capture the most important news coming out of the White House in a digestable form.

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    Kirill ZubovskyTroublemaker. Founder. Dad

    Concise and to the point. Perfect summary on the go.


    Eventually this is how I'd like to get all my news of the day. 2 min summary in the evening.

    WTFJHT is a neat way to track our politics without putting any effort into doing so. The team behind it is impartial (at least for the same of the blog/podcast) and covers all the WTF quite well.

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Kirill ZubovskyHunter@kirillzubovsky · Troublemaker. Founder. Dad
Talk about making something people love. Started as a what-if idea and grew into a full-time business. I find Matt's "product" to be quite insuring to be honest. Happy to hear he's launched a podcast now, for those of us who are limited in the reading hours, but happy to get voice updates on the go. go Matt, go!
Matt KiserMaker@matt_kiser · Founder – WTF Just Happened Today
Hey, thanks for the 'hunt, @kirillzubovsky! I'm super excited to finally have an official WTF Just Happened Today podcast. I'm probably more excited that it's produced and recorded by a WTFJHT community member – @jsamditis. It's a great example of how community membership doesn't have to always be about money – you can donate in non-financial ways. In this case we're make the Daily Update accessible to more people in the format they want. I love talking about this stuff, so feel free to hit me up here or on Twitter @matt_kiser
Joe AmditisMaker@jsamditis · WTFJHT podcast producer
@kirillzubovsky @matt_kiser Seconded! I'm @jsamditis on Twitter.