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Hey PH! Sharing a side project I spun to help capture the daily blow by blow happening in the news. This is my personal collection of some of the things I'm reading and seeing. I update it a few times a day and send an evening/afternoon newsletter summary. Let me know what you think!
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Awesome side project. Among my friends a topic we always talked about what was, what did President Trump do today. This makes it easier for me to get the latest news! Thanks!
@monstercolorrun Thanks! Trying my best to log the salient parts.
This looks great! Thank you!
That's neat. One other cool thing would be (for me personally) is to find what's big news maker in the market (what the fuck happened in market today?). Any big news, surge or plunge, some notable big movers and any big mergers/acquisition etc. Would be cool to have this added as well.
Found my early morning dose of news! Thanks.