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The inspiration behind this bot came from everyday frustrations. I like learning about things. When someone tells me about something unfamiliar, I Google it. When I hear a song on the radio I like, I identify it through Soundhound or Shazam. But how about when I want to know the species of a plant, breed of a dog or model of a car? How am I supposed to describe it to Google? That, is how WTFIT was born! Right now, it works well in identifying every day objects and animals. However as the community grows, the platform will become smarter and smarter, and be able to to identify even the toughest of images!
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@techno246 Concerning Google, I wonder how this classifier compares with Google Search by Image. Anyway, good job!
@mommi84 I've played around with Google search a lot, and it works very well when the image exists on Google images already. However, it doesn't seem to do as well with images you just take a photo, and the similar photos can sometimes be totally off. And thanks!
Well done... I think this could be really huge if it can find out what brand/model clothing someone is wearing in a photo!
@bagel_labs It's not the first time someone has suggested that, so definitely sounds like there are opportunities in that space. Will explore, thanks!
Well, the recognition algorithm is not perfect. But I know a way you can improve it. I uploaded an image of a potato soup in a plate (the file from Wikipedia had a name Romanian_potato_soup.jpg). At first I thought to rename the file because it would be too easy to know what was there even without looking at the picture. But the answer was too general - "A white plate". It means that the algorithm doesn't take file names into account, when they could be really useful.
@slavio84 Thanks for the suggestion! At the moment, it doesn't take into account the URL or filename, but great idea.
This is awesome! Would be amazing if it had an API that can be sent images to return what the object was 👌🏼
@nagra__ I would have loved to have this in a previous project of mine! :) Great idea!
@vallieres @nagra__ you guys should check out Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Cloud Vision and Cloudsight. They all have REST APIs for that purpose!
@techno246 @nagra__ yes, I did have great success with Caffe from Berkley. Sadly we did not go through with the feature using it. We were hoping to crowdsource 1 year of photo and human taging as a baseline and have it fully automated afterwards.
Is it answered by a person? There's a typo in one of the responses.
@scottruona Not that I know of! I do want to bring in community driven recognition but that's for the next version :)