A news focused social network from the founder of Wikipedia

Wikitribune Social is an inventive social network, for people like you who still have faith in the truth.
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9 Reviews1.1/5
An interesting progression of the WikiTribune initiative.
Why asking for money to use it?
sorry it is 12 euro a month. I cannot afford this.
@mohammedalrozzi you don't need to pay
@manoj_ranaweera1 thanks, it turns out it is a voluntary contribution. thanks
I’ve been enjoying the emails. I suspect that with mindful curation on my part this will continue to be useful for me. The pain point as I see it is that we’ve all become accustomed to seeking out bigger numbers on social networks and I’m not convinced that this will offer as much value that way so I’m keeping mine selective and trying to use it as a focused tool to deliver targeted news. Overall, it’s been about a week and I like it.
From a marketing perspective: - Association with Wikipedia is a strong selling point - The name probably should change. "WT" itself doesn't really roll off the tongue. Also not sure it's a good idea to have -> : in their name. Just one person's opinion though 🤷🏽‍♂️
@narekk WTS kind of WTF, just go FTW