The missing wishlist manager for the App Store

iOS 11 lacks a critical App Store feature: The wish list.

WSH LST brings back the good ol' wish list experience by integrating deeply with the App Store and providing extra features such as searching, sorting and price tracking!

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Hello Product Hunters, WSH LST creator here! We decided to build WSH LST after Apple removed this feature from the App Store app in iOS 11. Contrary to the rest of the wishlist-related apps on the App Store, we wanted to focus on the deep integration in the App Store (there's even the same button!), add a few selected features (search, sorting, iCloud support) and keep the design as close to the native iOS apps as possible. I am available for questions and feedback! :)
@stelabouras I made an app exactly like this because I was also missing the App Store wishlist. I submitted it and Apple rejected it saying it was too simple. So I added the ability to create custom lists but Apple again rejected it saying it was too simple. I didn't have price watching so it makes sense that your app was approved. Either way, its kind of sad that Apple doesn't allow apps that "don't have enough features". With all that being said it looks like your app is the simple wishlist app I wanted. I think its good not to add too many features but one thing that might be cool is to have lists that users can share with the public (or friends only). For example "Best Workout Apps". Again, that may make it too cluttered and I appreciate simplicity. Sorry I'm rambling.
@patrickleeadams I am sorry to hear that Patrick. The idea of shareable lists did cross my mind but I wanted to keep the scope of features of the initial launch to a minimum so I could get the app released faster. I will explore that for future versions though :)
Love this. I miss the wish list of previous iOS versions. This is a very nice, lightweight replacement 👍
Great job !! Will check it out 😊
I was so missing this feature, thanks for nice app! It’s really well integrated and feels default. What is a little confusing, maybe - when you’re tapping on an app that you saved on the list, there is this loading circle appearing on the app price, and looks quite like you’re already buying it (while it just transfers you to the Store).
@1337en Thanks! I actually tried to make the button resemble the one used in the App Store (and probably will release it as an open source library soon) so that the app would feel "more" native.
This is wonderful 🙌✨. I really like that, unlike Apple’s old Wishlist feature, you can add free apps to your wishlist. I like to do that for apps I want to check out later.