Discover events in US for the Total Solar Eclipse 2017

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With the Total Solar Eclipse around the corner (21st of August) I was curious to find events organized near where I live to enjoy this rare phenomenon. With my findings, I thought I would build a small tool so everybody else could find something close by to enjoy the Moon๐ŸŒš eating the Sun ๐ŸŒž . You can read more about how it was built on the "About" link, and check the Github repo if you want to hack around it. Hope you like it! ๐Ÿšจ Protect your eyes on the day of the Eclipse ๐Ÿšจ
Love the maximum phase feature, makes it really clear which spots will be best for the eclipse. Great use of Algolia Places too!
If I'm being honest, Nicolas' Algolia hacks are always a delight - usually it's just hacking together a searchable list of attendees/speakers/exhibitors at a conference when the conference app doesn't live up to his search standards, but this is actually cool enough that I've shared it with family & friends. A great example of how Search can be the answer to any question, even "where should I go to get the best view of a Solar Eclipse" Keep it up Nicolas!
That's rad. Nice to see Emoji Domains getting out there in the world. Obviously, we think they're great, but not too many other sites have had the confidence to move forward with only an emoji url. We'll add you to our Emoji Domain site gallery when I get a moment this morning...
Emoji domain :p