Email with a paywall. Charge for reading your email.

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Ivan PashchenkoMaker@ivanpashenko · ivanpashenko
Hey product hunters! We are playing around with a paywall for email. We want to know how this new format can be used and how the old-good email experience can be changed with it. Some ideas to start with: - Services based on wrte.io, like http://tinytask.io - Charge for you attention (e.g. journalists could charge for reading pitches) - Public address without cold emails. Small paywall price (think of a post stamp), money goes to charity Wrte.io is in a closed beta now, but for Product Hunters it is available from today.
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · Launching a VR design tool at VRooms.tv
@ivanpashenko Not able to sign up with Stripe. I authorize the account and then hit Finish Registration and it says "not logged in" [EDIT} Looks like it was tied to the fact that I hadn't confirmed my email. Should update your error message to reflect this case.
Ivan PashchenkoMaker@ivanpashenko · ivanpashenko
@itsthisjustin Thanks a lot! We will take a look at it.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I've used Clarity.fm for a while to answer calls and as @newrulesinvest mentioned, this could be used as an email-based version of that. @ivanpashenko although you're still in a closed beta, what use case have emerged? Anything particularly unexpected?
Ivan PashchenkoMaker@ivanpashenko · ivanpashenko
@rrhoover actually we just started to send invites massively. Before we were testing “popular people” use-case. But it doesn’t work much. They don’t want to look arrogant. Then I asked our subscribers how do they want to use it. I was surprised how brave some of them are: - developer wants to charge his clients for extra corrections after the project is finished. - asking a payment for a guaranteed reply within ‘x’ hours - give this email to recruiters - game idea that would use an email paywall (no idea what kind of game it could be :) ) - make from it kind of payment system. If someone want to buy a concert ticket or access to premium materials
Ilya OvdinMaker@iovdin · Entrepreneur
@ivanpashenko @rrhoover some people want to use it like 1 time email - for service registration
Ivan PashchenkoMaker@ivanpashenko · ivanpashenko
@rrhoover from tweets: "I love the write.io concept. I worked in adult for a long time and think adult models area HUGE market for this product. HUGE"
Zack Miller@newrulesinvest · Host of fintech podcast, Tearsheet.co
I think this could be a useful product -- kind of like a different iteration of Clarity.fm, where you pay for access/advice from experts.
Ivan PashchenkoMaker@ivanpashenko · ivanpashenko
@newrulesinvest Thanks! Would you use it yourself?
Zack Miller@newrulesinvest · Host of fintech podcast, Tearsheet.co
@ivanpashenko It's not entirely clear. Just signed up for an account. As @ryanhoover says, I'm still kinda looking for the right use case.
Daiyaan@daiyaan · Founder @ Bizz.co
+100000000 for the Eric Cartman reference on your "How It Works" page! "Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly on a Table, INC". Love the idea.
Ivan PashchenkoMaker@ivanpashenko · ivanpashenko
@daiyaan Haha thanks! :) Are you going to try it?
Dan Ruswick ☕️@danruswick · Full Stack developer ❤️ Python and Rails
This is an interesting psychological experiment more than anything else. I think even charging $0.05 would drastically deter people from emailing because the act of paying ANYTHING at all is psychologically significant. That said; I really do like the notion of email as a completely open medium and siloing people behind paid walls feels a little wrong. Then again, the big companies do nothing but silo our personal information for the sake of monetization...