Make rich shareable notes within Telegram

Writt lets you make and share notes, right from Telegram.

Vidyadhar Sharma
  • Vidyadhar Sharma
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    Works from Telegram, portable, can write articles as you' chat.


    A web editor doesn't exist. But I guess it's coming soon.

    Have used this product for few a days now and seems like the thing I always wanted but didn't know.

    You can quickly take notes and say "/done" from your Telegram cha to create a link that you can share with everyone. I've found this especially useful when I'm in meetings or am discussing ideas with someone and want to share the same later through quick simple link later

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Hey PH 👋 As I’ve been spending more time on Telegram, I’ve realized it’s an amazing tool, and the best part is that I can extend it with things that I want. Writt allows you to take notes over multiple texts to a bot, and generate a nice looking, shareable webpage from it 📝 🌐 It’s really useful for taking running notes, and even for putting up your thoughts on the web right from telegram. Check it out, it’s free for upto 3 live notes, and just $14/year for unlimited notes and support for custom domains (code: LAUNCH) Writt was built over 5 days, public progress at https://wip.chat/products/1214 Can’t wait to hear what you think 😄 Here’s what a Writt post looks like - https://writt.glitch.me/why
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how is it better than telegra.ph?
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@libh0pe The difference is that you can make notes right from telegram, instead of having to use a web interface, Making it much quicker.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
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Totally loved it! 😻