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70+ tools to blog faster, generating more inbound leads.

WritKit is a hand-picked collection of 70+ tools to help you blog faster and, as a result, enable you to generate more inbound leads. WritKit breaks the blogging process down and gives you the tools necessary to succeed at every step. The industry average time to write a blog is 3 hrs 20 mins, and I think that should be lower - so I made WritKit.

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I work in the same building as @christopher_travers and was able to use an early version of this tool. Super useful already, even when it was being built. Used the "Add Images" tool to find tons of free stock art. Bookmarked for sure to help the blogging process. It all adds up and this huge checklist/resource tool is well organized and very helpful.
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Hello PH! 🔥I hope you enjoy this free tool! I am here to answer any questions 😃 I threw WritKit together after discovering that it takes the average blogger 3 hours and 20 minutes to write a blog (that industry average is on the rise year over year). Recently I have been contemplating and researching ways I can drastically lower the time to post for bloggers (TTP - how long it takes to go from Idea stage to Publish stage). From AI-writing blog software to Alexa-style conversational blog creation, I've arrived at the conclusion that breaking the blogging process down into individual steps then optimizing each one is the current best approach to helping bloggers do more with their limited hours. I threw together WritKit with this mindset (no links are affiliate) and hope to learn a lot more about blog writing as a result. Please feel free to ask me any questions, to submit new tool recommendations if you feel so inclined, and, above all, please enjoy this resource! Best, Christopher
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Congrats on launching this nifty kit @christopher_travers. As a frequent blogger, I am in constant awe of resources like @unsplash that allow anyone to add stunning images for free in their posts. Seems like there are tons more options for all stage of blogging covered in WritKit. Love the idea of keeping it open so people can add new suggestions. Definitely bookmarking this!
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This is awesome!! As someone who has just started writing blogs this will be an amazing resource. Look forward to using it and seeing what new tools are added. Thank you!