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Hello everyone! 👋 We launched ArticleBunny on Product Hunt about a year ago. Since then, we’ve been testing and improving our platform. We are now ready (and really excited) to get WritingBunny (ArticleBunny's version 2.0) out to you all. We’ve decided to offer a much broader portfolio of written content, thereby increasing both choice and value. We now cover a much wider variety of writing projects like scripts, web and blog content, email newsletters, product descriptions, press releases, reviews, white papers and articles. Take a quick look at the images to see what we offer. Go ahead and send us a few messages; we’d love to chat with you and hear what you have to say!
@catacorgu love it. Very interested in your API as a way for us to let new prospects try us out before engaging in a full content strategy with us. Email me if open to discussion. Thanks! christien@sellpersonal.com
@clouvi @sellpersonal great! We can definitely help you with the written content you need for your clients. Someone from our sales team will follow up with you ;)
Sounds great! Competitively priced too. How do 'reviews' work for a physical product? Do we have to post you the item?
Hi @shotkit! We'll ask you for some specific info. when you submit your project (see https://bunnyinc.com/writing/pro...). The idea is that you share with us all the relevant info about your product so that we can write a great review. You don't need to send us the product, you can just describe it and maybe upload a picture ;)
FYI: Typo in subhead of your homepage's hero area ("fulfil").
@tomcharde Thank you so much!! We have an American/British proofreading team, that's why :) We are fixing it right now ;) thanks!
@catacorgu Are you looking for more US-based proofreaders, editors, writers?
@tomcharde not right now but I'll let you know if we do ;) if you are interested to work as a writer in WritingBunny you can apply here: https://bunnyinc.com/writing/tal...