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Ray Alez
Web developer, startup founder, writer.
Hey, everyone! Founder of the Writing Streak here. Super excited to join the Product Hunt community! =) I want writingstreak.io to become a great place that will help people to practice their writing skills and develop a habit of writing regularly. It keeps track of daily word count, gives you writing prompts, has a github-like calendar representing the amount of words you have written each day, and all sorts of cool features to help you focus on writing. We also have a great community, where you can share your stories and receive feedback and advice on your writing. I think it's gonna be pretty awesome. It is in the very early stage at this point, and I would really love some feedback. Do you like the idea? What other features would you like in that kind of tool?
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Ben TossellNo-coder πŸ‘‰ Makerpad.co
I like the whole streak concept and it should be implemented in many aspects of your life if you want to start and keep habits. It is something Jerry Seinfield talks about - 'Don't break the chain' - you can read a post here by @ginatrapani about it :) Essentially, once you start doing something every day and you check it off your calendar, it becomes less about doing it again the next day but more about not breaking the chain. Oh, we also have Product Hunt streaks for upvoting 😜
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