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#4 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2017

WriteWell is a collection of the world's best writing templates for essays, college papers, memoirs, cover letters, and more, made with love ️by caring teachers and writing experts.

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I really enjoyed playing around with this using the 'how to' blog post template. I meet so many people who want to get into writing but are really apprehensive, I think this tool will help them make a start and build their confidence.
@abadesi Totally! I get your point. I am one of them 😉 I would like to get into frequent writing.
Thanks @abadesi. Adi and I were looking at ways to become better writers ourselves and faced some of the same challenges as everyone. We tried to look for products but couldn't really find anything so after speaking with a few accomplished writers, teachers, and journalists we decided to just build a product ourselves. There's still a long way to go but we hope you like WriteWell as a way to get started!
Thanks for hunting us @adithya and spreading the love!
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@theashtube Thanks Ashley. Appreciate the tip! We mainly work with schools and are only now beginning to focus on b2c traffic so this is very helpful!
@haritpatel Cool, it'll just get picked up as keyword stuffing. Use the work you've done with schools as case studies with rich content = easy ranking ;)
Fantastic! I've been looking for something like this. Will also share with some folks I work with that struggle with writing. Thank you for hunting this @adithya!
@jeff_osborn Awesome, glad it adds value!
Great set of resources! Will be definitely useful for me.
Thanks @iamsooraj. If there are any formats / templates you'd like please let us know -- we have access to several accomplished writers and teachers that would love to help!
I need this one and I think a lot of my friends too!
Couldn't agree more @youtedp. We started WriteWell after struggling to write ourselves. There's tons to be done but through WriteWell we're hoping to provide enough support to help people jumpstart their writing. Thoughts, suggestions, feedback is very welcome!!