Break from from 140 character limit. Tweetstorm like @pmarca



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David Haddad — Publiseek
Tip: make the content on the main page:
1. an explanation of tweetstorms,
2. their background/history,
3. keeping the part about how writerack works

So that anyone that clicks through to the page can tweetstorm with one click and maximize your exposure.

Don't forget to add your username so people can click it, and may be a randomized username of a famous person that uses writerack (like @pmarca) so that it can come to their attention and they get to use it next time.
Oo Nwoye — Co founder, Callbase
@daveying99 Lovely ideas. We have taken note of it all. Thank you!
Opeyemi Obembe — Creator @tinypress
The Android app is available here: https://play.google.com/store/ap...
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