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You talk, we write (love letters, sassy tweets, apologies..)

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You simply dictate what you want to say and the tone you'd like to convey, and Writer's BLAHk delivers the text. It's there for you next time you need to draft a break up text to your partner (j/k, that's terrible). If you're looking for a free alternative, I bet Ethan will help. cc @gliechtenstein
@rrhoover COOL! I've been giving a lot of these advice. In my case most of the plot lines I give out are crazy so if anyone looking for a crazy plot line I'm here to help!
Hey! I'm Chloe- founder of BLAHk. Thanks for checking out our little app. We can't wait for your questions & comments. But more importantly, we can't wait to write for YOU. (If you're having trouble figuring out what we do, think of Joaquin Pheonix's job in the movie "Her" <-- I had multiple users tell me our app was reminiscent of it, and after just seeing the movie....I can confirm it is eerily similar to what we do).
@tzhongg Kind of! Except our focus isn't so much blogs, instead we focus on all of the writing that accompanies our day-to-day lives- love letters, emails to your boss to get you out of a pickle, letters to grandma, birthday cards, condolences, best man/bridesmaid toasts, break-up emails (eek!), etc.....we write for life's narrative. :)
@chloezola @tzhongg who breaks up via email!?!?!?
@eriktorenberg @chloezola Erik's making a great point! Not me for sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@eriktorenberg @tzhongg I don't know...millennials...or just plain jerks!? We aren't here to judge, just to write :)
@chloezola @eriktorenberg ouch, I'm a millennial :P but yeah, I see this happening (but not via email, more so text or Facebook).
Interesting idea. I could see using it for nailing the most delicate of circumstances. :)
@michaelpiliero that's the hope- nailing it :)
@chloezola @michaelpiliero Whatever happened to this app? I don't think it's around anymore. :(