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Hi Product Hunters! I decided to create Writepls after I noticed how great and useful some articles dedicated to writing are. The process was so natural: I made a list of articles about writing (I love writing!) to keep it before my eyes when I write and need some good advice. The list became longer and of course I wanted to share it with other aspiring writers. Let me be honest with you: I am a beginner in web design and Writepls is my "student" project, so I am constantly working not only on content, but also on the code itself. It means that something may not look gorgeous right now, but it surely be! :) Please feel free to give your feedback. My special thanks to Violeta Nedkova who introduced me to the Product Hunt community that I deeply respect. Mark
@marchenkomark Great looking site! Just so you know, after signing up for your mailing list and then clicking the "return to our website button" it takes the user to what looks like your personal website at http://mmarchenko.squarespace.com/ Subscribed to the list and will look forward to reading the articles soon.
@benwtnb Thank you! Yes, that's because they are connected by a single Mailchimp account. Going to fix that, actually, it can really be confusing. Edit: fixed.
I signed up for the newsletter because I noticed some pretty good examples on the homepage. Not sure how one can suggest or submit articles, but maybe the maker can shed light on that later. :)
@v4violetta, thanks! Yes, about submitting: right now it is made by just emailing me or approaching on Twitter... I didn't want to automate the process to keep the list "curated". Sure there are more convenient tools to make it, and I guess that I will make the process better in future.
This is awesome! I'm always trying to find some different ways to boost my writing skills. @marchenkomark thanks for doing this! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Š
@xzarexhc thank you, I am so glad you like it!
Just signed up, looks like some great content and I love how it covers a variety of areas of writing.
@robertwilliger Thank you for your kind words!
You guys are awesome, thought I'd let you know I wrote about you guys in Jeff Bullas' blog: http://bit.ly/1LiTM8b
@manda_auror hey Amanda, sorry I am saying my thanks to you only after a while - thank you! That was a great article, by the way :)