WriteMapper for Windows

Turn your ideas 💭 into text documents 📄 using mind maps! ✨

WriteMapper is a desktop app that lets anyone with writing deadlines get from quickly and easily produce writing drafts using mind maps. Visually brainstorm your way through writer's block, and write distraction-free in the app, then automatically create and export a text document in your file format of choice. 🙌

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👋 Hey PH! WriteMapper for Windows has been one of our most-asked-for requests, and after lots of hard work, I’m happy to finally launch 🚀 it today! WriteMapper helps helps anyone with writing deadlines get from idea 💭 to final draft 📄 in no time. You can shape and structure your writing using a mind map, before exporting to various text formats including Microsoft Word, Markdown, and HTML. Here’s a highlight of some of WriteMapper’s best features so far: - Visually comprehensive - Brainstorm-ready to overcome writer’s block - Distraction-free editor for each node’s contents - Compatible file exports (MD, HTML, DOCX, RTF, TXT) - Emoji support 😻 Since launching WriteMapper for Mac to 500+ upvotes about a month ago on Product Hunt, it’s gotten some really positive feedback on Reddit’s /r/Apple as well as on Cult of Mac; so I’m delighted to now be able to share WriteMapper with the Windows community as well. Looking forward to hearing what you think—I’ll be here all day answering questions! Also, I would love to know how you're using WriteMapper, and what problem is it solving for you. It’ll help me make the app even better for your use cases. ☺️
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I feel that this didn't get the appreciation that it deserves. It's a fantastic program that just allowed me to me to map out an entire project and by doing that I was basically done and able to hand off a project plan for review. I cannot praise it enough.
Really like your spin on mind mapping. You've solved the fundamental flaw in alternative programs where you were limited to snippets which in turn limited mind mapping to a very surface-level so approach. What you guys did is essentially unlock mind mapping concept to a whole range of other uses. I started using it as a knowledge base and even as a way to keep track of really important files. However I feel like your pricing model is putting a limit on exploring the unique aspect which I was just praising. I bought the Mac license key, and started building up various management systems on it, however I have two computers I use daily - a MacBook for on the go and a stationary PC rig for heavier in-office lifting. I wanted to add resources to my new "knowledge base" while I was working from the desktop but in order to do that I'd have to buy an additional license from you guys. I think that's a major flaw. Unless I can have easy access to the system from anywhere, it kind of defeats the purpose. Just my 2 cents
@vladislav_smolyanskyy and just to clarify, I definitely don't feel comfortable purchasing yet another license since at 2x the price outweighs the benefits, IMO. I think I'd rather have a subscription based pricing system, and I rarely say that. Ideally, of course, I would personally find the pricing model to be best if it was based per user somehow. Or at least include 2 devices in the base license option. I think nowadays a lot of people are like myself and have more than one daily-driver computers.
@vladislav_smolyanskyy First off, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, and for your purchase, very much appreciated! Now, addressing the issues raised in your two comments: Just to make sure that you're aware of it: you're able to use a single license across multiple computers—whether Mac or Windows—as long as each license code is only activated on one computer at a time. You may do so by deactivating, then reactivating your license codes when moving between machines, and details for how to do so may be found here. What's special about this licensing system is each license code is OS-agnostic, and so may be used across both the macOS and Windows operating systems. This is different from how other licensing systems work, such as on the Mac App Store. I'm sure you've purchased apps on the Mac App Store, only to find that you can't use the same purchase for your Windows machine; you're essentially locked in to using the software you paid for on a single platform only. The licensing system WriteMapper is built on solves that problem for our customers, and freely use the same purchased license across different operating systems. Only if you happen to need to very frequently switch between computers, or need to simultaneously use WriteMapper on multiple computers, may you then wish to consider the add-on option of purchasing multiple licenses, which will give you the convenience of not having to repeatedly transfer your license. Doing the math, if we were to follow a subscription-based model and charge even just $5/month, you'd have spent $60 on a piece of software in just a year. Our Universal (2x) license option, which is a one-time purchase for lifetime use, is just two-thirds of that. Believe me when I say that we designed, built and priced our product entirely in the best interests of our customer, and our customer only. Also of note is that this licensing mechanism is actually an improvement from when we first launched, as a result of hearing from our users. Before, users couldn't transfer their licenses across machines, and even the trial period was just 10 hours instead of 7 days. WriteMapper is a long-term project that'll continually be worked on, and we'll be adding to it as we continue to receive feedback from our customers. To help you avoid paying full price for another license code, I've also just specially added a purchase option to our website to upgrade previous purchases for only the price difference—which I hope will be of help! (The code for that has literally just been written within the last 12 hours, after reading your reply, so please write to me at guan at writemapper dot com if you do run into bugs, thanks!) This kind of turned into an essay of a reply, but anyhow, I also wanted to apologise for the poor purchasing experience. Please let me know if you have further questions I can help answer. Cheers! :) Guan