WriteMapper for iPad

Turn ideas 💭 into text documents 📄 using mind maps

WriteMapper is an app that lets anyone with writing deadlines get from quickly and easily produce writing drafts using mind maps. Visually brainstorm your way through writer's block, and write distraction-free in the app, then automatically create and export a text document in your file format of choice. 🙌

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Hi PH! It’s taken way more time and effort than expected to deliver an amazing product for the iPad, but I’m so glad that we’re finally here. Today, I’m incredibly excited to be sharing the latest and greatest addition to the WriteMapper family with you: WriteMapper for iPad. 🎉 More than a year in the making, the app brings WriteMapper’s best features to the iPad, helping anyone with writing deadlines get from idea 💭 to final draft 📄 in no time using mind maps. As a quick recap, here’s a highlight of some of WriteMapper’s best features so far: - Visually comprehensive - Brainstorm-ready to overcome writer’s block - Distraction-free editor for each node’s contents - Compatible file exports (MD, HTML, DOCX, RTF, TXT) - Beautifully-designed dark mode On top of bringing these writing productivity-boosting features to the iPad, WriteMapper additionally leverages the power of iOS to help you get your writing work done in no time at all, by integrating key platform features such as integration with the Files app, drag-and-drop interactions and extensive hardware keyboard shortcut support. I’m much looking forward to your comments and feedback after giving the free trial a spin. So grab your iPad and keyboard, head on down to the coffee shop, and see what you can do with WriteMapper for iPad — I hope you’ll find it useful! ☺️
@gx I love WriteMapper - I consider it an essential planning and writing tool - so it's great to see an iPad version. Nicely done.
Hey @andreasduess, thanks for the kind words — more impactful on me than you would think. Have a great weekend! :)