Get from idea 💭 to final draft 📄 in no time using mind maps

WriteMapper is a desktop app that lets anyone with writing deadlines get from quickly and easily produce writing drafts using mind maps. Visually brainstorm your way through writer's block, and write distraction-free in the app, then automatically create and export a text document in your file format of choice. 🙌

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👋 Hey PH! Guan here, I’ve been working hard these past few months on my new Mac app: WriteMapper. It helps anyone with writing deadlines get from idea 💭 to final draft 📄 in no time, by turning mind maps into written content. You can shape and structure your work using a mind map, before exporting to various text formats including Markdown, HTML and Microsoft Word. Here’s a highlight of some of WriteMapper’s best features so far: - Visually comprehensive - Brainstorm-ready to overcome writer’s block - Distraction-free editor for each node’s contents - Compatible file exports (MD, HTML, DOCX, RTF, TXT) - Emoji support 😻 - Beautifully-designed night mode It's late afternoon here in Singapore 🇸🇬 and I plan on being active in the comments through the night and into the next morning. Looking forward to answering all your questions and hearing your feedback!
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Just as a follow-on, I've updated the app from v1.0.1 to v1.0.2, which fixes some issues with license codes, as well as extends the trial period from 10 hours to 7 days, as per @eightbitjoker's suggestion below. For those of you who've already downloaded the app, opening the app on your Mac will trigger the update to download automatically. If not, the free trial download link on the WriteMapper website will always lead you to the latest available version. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help make the app's experience better for all of you!
I do not use a Mac so cannot comment on the actual product, but on the concept. This workflow however looks incredibly interesting to test out. It just might make sense 1. outline in a mindmap 2. write little bits of stuff 3. get done. This may close the gap from outlining to writing - that is a useful problem to solve. I think a web app would make sense later down the road.
@ebrahimkhalil That's absolutely what I was shooting for with the concept of the app. Cheers for taking the time to note your thoughts :)
@ebrahimkhalil If you happen to be on Windows—WriteMapper is now available on Windows: https://www.producthunt.com/post... :)
That's how I write. Using pen and paper, though. Wish this was a web app.
@aakars Hey Akar, thanks for taking the time to comment! :) It's still early days for the app, and we're still working on features as we go along. May I ask why your preference for a web app, rather than as a Mac app?
Hey Guan, thanks for letting me try the early prototype of this wonderful tool! I think this is one of those tools that have myriad use cases. For me I use it to structure the slightly more complex articles that I write for my company or personal blog, but I can see it being used by authors to write book or paper chapters, or journalists to visually get their sources together before writing, etc. Very sleek and intuitive UI!
@nickang Thank you for the comments @nickang, glad to know that it's managed to help you! :)
Really good concept, I think that it has a place in my writing workflow. A few comments are 1) sometimes navigating with arrow keys or shortcuts doesn't work as expected/doesn't work at all and 2) I wish the trial time was a bit longer or properly communicate that the free trial is only 10 hours long. I downloaded the app, installed and did the tutorial but I don't have anything to write in the meantime so I can't make the most out of my trial.
@eightbitjoker Thanks for taking the time to jot down your thoughts! Regarding point (1), is there more information you can give me? Screenshots would be great if it's convenient for you to do so. Once I figure out what's wrong I can upload an update for the app. For (2), that actually makes a lot of sense. May I ask your opinion of what is a time period that might work better for you, and users similar to you?
@gx I'll try to record the arrow key issue when it happens again. A 7 or 14-day trial seems like enough time to get familiar with the product as well as try it out with my workflow on a real project. My main writing app, Ulysses, offers a 14-day trial and it gave me enough time to try offloading my entire writing process onto it - which was ultimately what convinced me to pay for the app.
@eightbitjoker I appreciate your patience! And I'm hearing you loud and clear on the trial duration; I'll code and upload an update that'll allow the trial to go on for a longer time really soon. You must be one of many who feel this way, so I'll try to get this done ASAP, so not too many people end up with just the 10-hour trial.
@gx No worries, I'm really glad that you put out a quality product. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my comments!
@eightbitjoker My pleasure; I'll tweet you when the update's ready!