Writefull Thesaurus

A Google Docs add-on that uses AI to give you synonyms

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Juan Castro
@_jpcastrog_ · Writefull
Hi guys, today we're introducing an add-on that uses AI to help you find synonyms. We use word vectors with some bits of salt here and there. This add-on has as history widget, so that you can go back to previous searches, and buttons to paste a selected word from the text into the search bar, and back to your text. Give it a go and tell me what you think!

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James Welch
@jwelch · CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk
Now this is why I love PH! This is an excellent add on. Well done guys.
Georges Petrequin
@georges141 · Marketing @ SymbaSync.com
Really cool idea.
Chris Schwartze
@chrisschwartze · Marketing Manager, Heroic Academy
Instant download :O
James Aveyard
@jimmya · Co-Founder, UtilityMix.com
wow, genius love it!