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Hi guys, I am the co-founder of Writefull. We are releasing Writefull for Chrome on Product Hunt today. This version has all the functionalities as in the desktop version, and also comes with a new UI. I'd like to know what you guys think. Hit me if you have any questions.
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@_jpcastrog_ Does this work on Android? Definitely getting regardedless.
this is not only an awesome idea, but also the execution is A+. the terrible writer in me wants to thank you quite a bit. btw, i'd totally pay for this.
Hey @gopietz, thanks a lot!
Pretty interesting! Generally, I google sentences for reference... What if we integrate this specially for platforms like Medium, etc.? Just a thought! Upvoted! ☝
Looks interesting. I'll try it out. I use Grammarly and Hemgingway. How does this compare to those?
Hey @coachdja, I think Grammarly checks your text for grammatical errors based on a set of grammar rules, and Hemingway checks your text against certain norms to improve readability. Instead of using a fixed number of rules or norms, Writefull uses databases of language to extract patterns that show how certain words or phrases are generally used (or not used). This means it can show when wording is 'off'. Give it a try and let me know what you think!
@_jpcastrog_ very helpful! Have downloaded and will give it a try. Thanks, Juan!
Congrats on the launch! First time coming across Writeful. Can you elaborate a little more on the profit model? Also, love that you have apps for all major OSs. What drove that decision? And how do you avoid getting distracted developing across four (with Chrome) products?
Hey @eytanbuchman, thanks for your interest in Writefull. Regarding our profit model, we’re seeking to have an app that fits the needs of our users. While the current features will always be free, we might tempt you with some new pro features soon. Writefull was initially available for macOS only. We received a great deal of messages asking for a port for Windows and Linux. Writefull for Chrome is a logical next step to further reduce the friction of having to download and install an app. All four versions share the same codebase, so it’s easy for us to propagate any updates / fixes. I hope this addresses your questions :)