Writeathon is a tool for writing with minimal UI and efficient functions.

Hightlight features:

Immersive experience:Minimal UI,focusing on writing area.

Writing assistant:Zenminder(writing mindmap),stats and writing goal.

Efficient functions

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Hi hunters: I'm creating a web project which is Writeathon(writing is a marathon). Hightlight: Minimal UI Focus on writing,no disturbing. Writing Stats Writing calendar,Word count. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Function Intro: Zen Mode Ultimate focusing on. Markdown Preview Markdown format preview. Night Mode Night mode for writing. Sound Effect Special sound effect,enjoy typing. Word Goal Set goal and achieve. Markdown Export Export standard markdown format. Keyboard Shortcut Productivity. More Is Comming Writing inspiration subscribe,writing stats subscribe,more formats,live preview mode...
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Hi,writeathon is still on beta,any suggestion and idea is appreciated!
english option doesn't seem to change to english
@stoweboyd Hi Stowe,could you give more details about your environment like broswer.Have you blocked the cookies? The markdown format supported now is github flavoured markdown(https://github.github.com/gfm). The checklist should be '- [ ]'. Thanks for feedback.
What version of markdown is supported? Checklist don't work, for example.
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