Write your own web-copy guide

Step-by-step template for writing great website copy

@HelenSteemson Hello! Would love for you to tell us about this guide and the story behind it :)
Hi @bentossell - so cool to be on here! I wrote this guide for businesses and startups who struggle to write web copy that doesn't sound too...technical and complex. It's about helping people who aren't marketers or copywriters to write websites that are easy for consumers to read. I wanted to help guide them through all that important strategic thinking (target audience, key messages and benefits etc), then just slot that stuff into the template. It helps people do something a bit better than they could do on their own. Then you can follow up with the other stuff later if you need to.
Strictly speaking, this is kind of more of a guide than a book. But it's really, crazy useful. Affording to hire professionals to write website copy isn't really an option for me right now. I've used this template to help write landing pages for my own products and it's really helped me translate my sort of gumby word-salad into proper, professional-sounding web copy that means visitors to my site actually understand what I do and want to buy.