Write Mynd

Record, reflect and share honest emotions for a clearer mind

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Love the concept!!
@elisachatelet Thanks - always great to get positive feedback :)
@maxjwhite Thanks Maxwell :)
Congrats on the launch Lizzie! How did you settle on the idea of 'journaling'? i.e. how/why is it good for you?
@shivgadhia Thanks! I wanted to build something to support mental well-being that was simple to fit into a daily routine. The biggest impact on mental well being can come from very small changes. Just tracking how you feel for ten minutes a day can really make a difference. You can start to gain more mental clarity very quickly once you put things down into words! Problems in particular can seem much more manageable as you get "out of your head" and can start to see them more pragmatically. Give it a try and let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome :)
Congrats Lizzie. Great idea, great design.
@michael_acton_smith That means so much. Big up to the whole team who made it happen :)
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