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Matt Baer
@ilikebeans · Founder, Write.as
A quick update: as planned, our Pro subscription went up to $48 / year today. But you can still get 25% off your first year with the coupon code: producthunt until the end of December. (Our Casual plan price hasn't changed.)
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Matt Baer
@ilikebeans · Founder, Write.as
Thanks for posting, @kwdinc! Write.as is a publishing platform for writers of all kinds who don't want to spend time wrestling with writing software. I started building Write.as last year to solve the simple need to quickly get some text out on the internet, whether it was a long thought I wanted to share across social media, or a feeling I wanted to share… See more
Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Write.as is a lightweight publishing platform made for sharing your thoughts quickly. Publish text in a variety of shareable formats, from individual articles to blogs. By default, nothing you publish on Write.as is publicly visible. People can only read your article or blog once you share a link to it.
blake folgado
@blakefolgado · Product Designer🖍 Entrepreneur💻 EF Alum
This is really nice. It can be a tidier way to read a thought on Reddit. Good work!
André Filgueira Simões
@oandre · Product Manager at Sprinklr
What's the difference between Write.as and Telegra.ph?
clavy celestine
@kleaklass · millionairesgrit.com
Another cool writers platform