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Thanks for posting, @kwdinc! Write.as is a publishing platform for writers of all kinds who don't want to spend time wrestling with writing software. I started building Write.as last year to solve the simple need to quickly get some text out on the internet, whether it was a long thought I wanted to share across social media, or a feeling I wanted to share without it being traceable to my real-life identity. Most services that do this either aren't meant for prose (like Pastebin), or make you slug through a sign up process that isn't meant to protect your identity (like Medium). So we built a clean writing and reading experience that's useful without even signing up. I also wanted an app built for productivity. Most blogging apps open to a stream or a dashboard, wasting precious seconds when you have a fleeting thought forming in your mind. So each of our apps (https://write.as/apps) open directly to a blank page, whether you've used it a thousand times or just downloaded it. Earlier this year we launched accounts on the web (coming to mobile next), which lets you do things like create a pseudonymous blog, or cross-post to your readers on Medium and Tumblr. We're forever ad-free, free to publish, but also supported directly by our writers. If you try us out, we're offering 25% off our paid plans for Product Hunters — just create a blog / account and use the code: producthunt on https://write.as/me/plan We'd love to hear what the Product Hunt community thinks of Write.as. Thanks!
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@ilikebeans Congrats on the hunt! I hadn't heard of Write before but I've been looking at it and I'm extremely impressed—what a beautiful, focused product. I'll probably snag a Pro plan (thanks for the discount!) and answer this myself, but a few questions: 1. How deep are the CSS customizations we can make? Can we, for example, use our own licensed fonts? 2. Are there any plans to have the effects of the Markdown syntax reflected visually in the editor? I get the appeal of keeping things plain, but while writing it's helpful to see a preview of the end result the way you can in Ulysses, iA Writer, Byword, etc. 3. What are the plans for images? I get that for now it's a simple linking of external images, but if a native implementation is coming will we also see support for things like alignment options and full-bleed images? I'm thinking of photo essays and the like. 4. Can we look forward to typographic improvements? Just thinking of the sorts of small details that have helped make Medium so popular...proper hanging quotes, elegant underlines, etc.
@mostlymarius Thank you Marius! Glad you like it. To answer your questions: 1. If you can include the fonts in a block in the head section of an HTML page, we support it today. But if you'd prefer a smoother experience, perhaps by loading them via Javascript, shoot me an email at matt@write.as with details on how they're hosted and I'll see how we could make that an option. 2. We're thinking about this, but it's a low priority, especially due to the number of platforms we support. But I'm definitely a fan of iA Writer's inline preview, so I imagine that'll be the route we eventually take. 3. We're going to be launching a focused product for hosting images (called Snap.as) that'll seamlessly integrate with Write.as. But customizing images is up to the user for now, until things settle around common uses we can build into the product. You can already get pretty far with custom CSS and using <img class="..."> tags (instead of Markdown's image syntax) in your posts. If you start using Write.as for photo-heavy posts, I'd love to hear your feedback so we could start building in features to make the experience better. 4. Absolutely. Once the basics are covered on all the platforms, we'll be focusing on those little touches that make a big difference. Thanks again for the kind words!
@ilikebeans Awesome! Glad to hear that. I typically use fonts.com for custom type work and they have a few options for how you can deploy, so I'll experiment and see if I can get it working.
@mostlymarius Perfect 👍 We'll take a look from our side, too.
Write.as is a lightweight publishing platform made for sharing your thoughts quickly. Publish text in a variety of shareable formats, from individual articles to blogs. By default, nothing you publish on Write.as is publicly visible. People can only read your article or blog once you share a link to it.
This is really nice. It can be a tidier way to read a thought on Reddit. Good work!
@blakefolgado Thanks! Yep, especially in case you end up sharing that thought in multiple places 😊
What's the difference between Write.as and Telegra.ph?
@oandre Hey André, there are a few things different, but specific to the anonymous aspect: - Posts auto-save in your browser (and our apps) without publishing. This is great for long writing sessions or having a persistent pad to jot things down on. This text never leaves your browser or mobile device. - You can see your list of published posts - You can delete published posts - You can't add an arbitrary author name to anonymous posts like in Telegra.ph - Titles are optional, and added inline with the rest of your post (https://guides.write.as/writing/...) - You can see how many people have seen your posts - Anonymous posts don't render Markdown like Telegra.ph (but blog posts do) - Write.as works in Firefox A comparison starts to make less sense past this point, as Write.as *starts* with anonymous publishing, but goes far beyond that as a publishing platform. Some notable points are: - We have Android, iOS, Chrome OS, command-line apps, and a Chrome extension (https://write.as/apps) - We run a Tor hidden service (http://writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion/), which the Android app works with, in case you need stronger network anonymity - You can bring your posts together under full pseudonymous blog on the web (coming to mobile soon, as mentioned in another comment) - You can read others' public blogs at read.write.as (and publish there as a subscriber) - You can easily cross-post to other platforms Hope that helps!
@ilikebeans Hey, thanks for your reply. It helped me! A lot of lucky in your journey.
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