clean, simple and distraction-free writing environment

A minimal interface that keeps your focus on what you’re writing. Feels like you’re writing on a clean sheet of paper without any of the usual distractions found with word processors.
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This is really cool. It would be great to have the instructions on the page too though. And to be able to upload the file I saved instead of having to copy and paste it back, so I can work on it again. Otherwise great product!
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@jens_smallforest Thanks for the great feedback. Support for opening text files will be available soon.
Are there any options to change font size, fonts etc. ?
@mikedane7 Unfortunately its not supported at the moment. Changing the font size should be easy though, using "⌘ and +" or "Ctrl and +" keyboard shortcut.
As a bit of feedback/suggestion, I would suggest creating a palette page or a template to be available somewhere noticeable in the page with all the different shortcuts/formatting options.
@sergi_chafer Thanks for the feedback, I’m thinking of adding default text with some help / feature notes instead of empty page.
Crowded name space, and the same name as https://writeapp.co
@mattiasd_ yes, it’s a pretty common name.