Content recipes to create powerful content in 50% less time

Writally enables businesses to transform their expertise into powerful customer-facing content by enabling them to create and access customised, content recipes (highly tailored, user-defined content templates).

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Looks great but perhaps use "real" testimonials rather than stock photos to make it look more trustworthy
@leafbomb They are real testimonials!
Emergency Surgery and Product Hunt Don't Mix Have just emailed this out to users who signed up in last 24 hours.... Thanks for testing Writally in the wake of our Product Hunt feature. It took us by surprise, as did the bike accident I had Tuesday. As we're an MVP, recipe selection is still manually done. We'll soon be raising Capital to automate that, but in the meantime, there will be some delays in delivering recipes to your dashboards. We are going as fast as we can, but please bear with us (I've literally just come out of surgery). If you haven’t already joined the Facebook group, you can do that now, here to stay in the loop: http://www.facebook.com/groups/w.... That’s it for now. Let me know if you have any questions. Simply reply to this email or hit me up in the Writally group on Facebook. Warmly, Cas McCullough
@casmccullough Ouch! Thanks for the awesome tool and get better soon. Life is funny with timing, eh?
@1greigcranfield haha! Definitely! At least no one can doubt my commitment ;-)
We're all caught up now.
This IS interesting. Signed up and realised that for now, the work is done manually, which rather makes me like it a little bit more. It will be interesting to see what the service is like manually and automated...Anyway, the process to create my first recipe was easy and I strangely enjoyed the process. Looking forward to what comes of it.
@jwelch Glad you enjoyed it! We'll be working through requests today with a veangence!
@casmccullough Thanks, Cas. Got my first recipe through and I have to say I have found it useful and will most certainly help with writer's block. I will sign up fully now so that I can get some more recipes. Although I would see this as a 3-month thing rather than a rolling thing. But who knows? Definitely has given me some inspiration and once you see the recipe, you realise just how silly you can be by starting a blog post with just one idea and a keyboard. Enjoyed the service so far.
@jwelch Awesome James! Please be sure to share your blog posts with us so we can share them.
Saw this earlier today in a StartupDaily article, they're a startup out of Brisbane Australia whose core value prop is providing you with strucutured templates for your blog posts. The idea seems to be that most blog posts follow a certain structure, depending on the type of post that they are, and if you had a template that adheres to that structure, then you can write faster and better. As someone's who has struggled to get the words out lately (I have about 30 drafts saved in Medium), I find the idea pretty fascinating. I'd actually been giving some thought recently to how I used to sit down and work out the structure for my high school and university assignments, but that I don't do that for my blog posts. The story behind how Writally got started is pretty rad, too. Relative newbie to the startup scene pitched at a local co-working space, later got picked up by one of Australia's biggest accelerators.
@rossdcurrie Thx for keeping me on my toes Ross! :-)
@casmccullough No probs Cas. Would love to hear how being featured on ProductHunt works out for you in terms of signups/trials/conversions. We don't get too many AU startups on here, so I know the folk in the Perth Startup slack are keen to hear about your experience (shattered wrist adventures included!)
@rossdcurrie so far about 80 recipe requests :-)
@rossdcurrie we've had over 150 new recipe requests since being featured on Product Hunt. We finally caught up yesterday! Thanks so much for your support.
Congrats on being hunted @casmccullough (and shout-outs to Gina from Startup Daily who wrote such a wonderful article that inspired @rossdcurrie to hunt you!). The ecosystem is amazing like that sometimes. Impressed to see you replying and working while in the hospital - that's a pretty strange but effective example of how hard Writally works for the users! Hoping to see what happens next when you start to get the automation working, can see this being a really useful service for those struggling with writer's block. Can you expand on how you see that working?
@davedri @rossdcurrie Thanks for your comment @davedri! Our customers would like instant turnaround of blog post recipes, and doing over 1000 manually now has taught us what we need to do in order to achieve this with automation. I'd like to see a more interactive user xp where the user gets a recipe but can interchange some story elements if the ones they get don't appeal to them. We also need to figure out what will make it addictive. I think our next iteration will incorporate a slightly different pricing model, automation with some human oversight for out of the box requests, and an API for integration with complementary apps such as Gather Content. It may also include an interactive canvas but that will depend on how far down the list of priorities it is.
@davedri @rossdcurrie @casmccullough Manually!! color me surprised. Your post above is 2 years old by now. ... Please feel free to direct me to the updated versions? or updated updates?