A quick autosaving notepad in your browser ✏️⚡

Wrish is an autosaving notepad ✏️⚡ which instantly generates shareable and collaborative links 🔗

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Hey PH! 👋 This is my 10th launch here ✨ Wrish is a quick autosaving notepad ✏️⚡️ that saves your words every 3 seconds ⏱ Every note has a unique hash in the url that can be shared so that others can make edits, or even be restrained to a read only note. Wrish is 💯% open source, so if you want to quickly run it on your own, just remix https://glitch.com/~wrish or check out the github repo. Let me know what you think 😄 edit: Just added an integration which allows you to make Wrish notes right within telegram! https://www.producthunt.com/post... ✈️
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@jajoosam This is super-cool, very handy. Nice work Samarth.
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@jajoosam how does this compare to the scratchpad built into Chrome?
@lsherman Hmm, not aware of anything that's "built into" chrome. There are lots of extensions out there that save locally though. The difference with this is that it is collaboative and shareable, not restricted to your own local computer
Great job!! 😊 Would love to have one windows 10 google chrome extension?
That's a cool and Handy tool to jott random thoughts. Might need some fixing in Mobile responsiveness of menu items
@himanshu_chanda Thanks :) Would you mind adding details to an issue on github? https://github.com/jajoosam/wris...
nice job