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Hey everyone, we're really excited to share the Wrappup Slackbot with you! Wrappup is a meeting productivity tool that uses AI to help summarize your meetings. Before getting to the AI, the basis of the tool is super simple. We built a way for you to take time-stamped notes right into your online calls. Then, all the notes are posted back into the relevant slack channel or messaged to the invitees. Even if you missed the meeting, you’re always kept in the loop with summaries and a link to playback the highlights! Now, the AI fun… once we process your speech, Wrappup does a few cool things with it. First, we make everything searchable, so you can find that “point-where-he-said-that-thing about-that-stuff” by just searching for it. It’s a Google for speech! We also built smart highlights, which uses AI to find important moments, like action items, automatically. Our neural net will get smarter and smarter as we grow, so this is just the beginning… Finally, we use ML to identify different speakers in a meeting. Now you can search by speaker and monitor the share of speech for each meeting! You can tell that guy who takes over the discussion to shush a little more… like by 30% We’re a team of hackers excited to build new features, let us know what you think. Drop me a mail at rami@wrappup.co
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Interesting set of features.
@s_alberione Thanks for the hunt Sebastian! was an exciting surprise to wake up to
👍👍 super cool
This looks very cool!!
@iamgriffin glad you like it Griffin, we made it for ourselves initially then ended up using it everyday! So we decided to package and publish it
Downloaded. Will give it a whirl and comment. Sounds interesting.