Build an API on top of any website


Prathamesh Juvatkar
@pjuvatkar · CTO at Cubeit.io
In the product we are building, we need to use some scrapers to pull a particular parameter from website. Usually we write a simple script in python using Beautiful Soup or some other library to pull data. But biggest challenge has been that any updates in DOM of that website will make the script unusable. How do you handle this issue?
Sarah Cornwell
@sccornwell · @appbackr, @forum280, PH Contributor
Can this replace the Kimono extension? It shut down in Feb.
Dylan Buckley
@dylankbuckley · iOS Developer
Does anyone know the Maker Peter Xu? Would be cool to ask some questions!
Bruno Skvorc
@bitfalls · I work at SitePoint and Diffbot.com
I work for Diffbot, a competing (but not really) company, and we use AI to auto-classify content and deliver it as JSON via our APIs. (If you're interested, here's a bunch of tutorials: http://sitepoint.com/tag/diffbot) - I'm mainly curious about how you handle changes in the DOM, and different content being "API-fied", i.e. products vs. text vs. images, etc… See more
@robertprince · CTO, Opus Logica Inc
Clever, but if I found you were circumventing my API using this, I'd blackhole you.