Quickly find your lost tabs across all opened windows.

I open too many tabs on my chrome and it gets hard to find one in particular.

Thats why I got the idea of a searching by title across all opened tabs, and quickly get into the one I need, without missing 10 times.

Once installed, you can click on the icon or use the keyboard shortcut.

This is my 1st post in PH.

Let me know what you think!


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Looks useful for the time when tab icons get very small or disappear at all 😛 Feature idea: maybe in the future, it could search the history too?
@zelena yepp, searching history it is. I often close a lot of tabs which I then need. Searching pages in the history would really be a helpful feature @walter_gammarota
@zelena great idea, I just made an update and added this feature, also you can turn it off from extension settings! Thanks for the suggestion 😃
@zelena @siddharth_mungekar1 give a try if you have time ;) thanks
Great idea 😃
It's a Chrome Extension, after installing it you can click on the icon or just use the keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl + Shift + L (win) and Command + Shift + L (mac). Give it a try ;)
@walter_gammarota The "add to chrome" button doesn't work for me 🙁
@santiaraujo Google changed the policies, and now is not allowed to install extensions directly from browser 😞
@walter_gammarota Sí, pero al hacer click no abre una nueva ventana con la Chrome Store. No hace nada al hacer click sobre ese botón
Xataka FTW ;)
What are the advantages of this over saka? (https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
@inthe0n I don't really know, I needed to explore a new programming language and I thought something like this can be useful, I didn't research a lot before honestly. But I am open to suggestion, if you have any idea to improve it, please let me know! Thanks