WPV 3.0

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Hey guys, glad to be here on PH again to launch WPV 3.0! We just actually hit 1,000 users in our community so it's a pretty exciting time for us. I'd love to get your feedback & suggestions. I'll be here answering to answer any questions :) Some of the new features include: Brand New UI A re-designed interface from the ground up. Personalized Feed All of the latest videos from the Artists you follow are here. Catch 7-second sneak peeks of our hottest artists and if you want to watch the whole music video, it’s just a tap away. You can also favorite, see how popular a video is, and share it with your friends. Push Notifications Get push notifications from artist messages, users that follow, or like your video. Beautiful Full Screen Profiles We believe every user should get a gorgeous profile. WPV allows you to customize yours by uploading a full-screen cover photo. As an Artist, you can manage your latest uploads, and as a user, you can show your taste through the latest music videos you liked. Improved uploads! Upload videos straight from your iOS device! All you need is a Dropbox account and you’re all set. All videos are hosted on our servers and optimized for TV, Web, Tablets, and Phones. Discover It’s easy to discover the most recent Artists and Users in our community. Don’t wait in line Signing up as users and artists is a breeze. The best thing is that artists don’t have to wait in line to get their account approved.