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Hey ProductHunters, WPForms is a drag & drop online form builder for WordPress. I built it to help my users and customers (mainly small business owners) who are not tech savvy, so they can easily build contact forms, payment forms, subscription forms, and more. I know not everyone has the budget to spend money for a simple contact form, so there is a WPForms Lite version available in the WordPress.org plugins directory that you can use: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp... My goal really is to make simple tasks easy rather than letting complex features define how hard simple has to be. We're just getting started, so tons of new features are in the works, but we'll always maintain our UX-first approach to building forms. If you have any feature suggestions that you'd like to see, then please send them over using the feature suggestion form on our website. I thank you for checking out WPForms - I really appreciate it.
Brilliant! I miss "css styles" editor 😸
Quite easy to use so far. Ypu and your team always come up with useful stuff.
@mskonfa1990 Thanks for the kind words Kerwin -- Always appreciate your support :)
If I can easily create single line horizontal subscribe forms, I'm in. Is that possible?
@dannyoutlaw Single line forms feature will be rolled out soon as part of our Form Layouts addon.
@syedbalkhi Are there prices for these add-ons? I didnt see any on the site.
@dannyoutlaw instead of selling addons a-la carte, we have them available as part of different plans. You can see the comparison grid here: https://wpforms.com/pricing/ Form layouts when released will be part of all plans :)
Nice! Pretty easy to use! Win-win product here!
@jbutlerxviii Thanks for the very kind words Jonathan :)