Let students mark pages/posts as complete in your course.

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Hey all, I'm half of the makers of this WordPress plugin. I worked with Zack Gilbert because I have lots of WP courses and none had the ability to let me students mark lessons as complete and then see the progress. So we made a plugin to do that. It works with any WP course software (or no course software if you want to use it for something else). There's a free version on wordpress.org and a pro version on our website. Since we've just launched, the code PH15 will snag you $15 off today! Cheers, Paul
Great idea! Two questions: 1. Does it work with custom post types? 2. Your video is nice but it doesn't show what the complete button looks like from the front end. Does it come with its own style?
@swinterroth Hey Scott! Thanks for your questions. 1. Not at the moment, but that's definitely something we are going to fix soon. 2. In the pro version, you can style the button text and colors, but you can always target the buttons directly with their specific css classes. Hope that answers your questions!
@swinterroth here's how the actual button works, a student clicks it and the button changed to "completed" (or whatever wording you'd like), and that updates the progress graphs or text (if you have the pro version). here's a quick video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.co...
@zackgilbert Cool, thanks for the clarification. I'm interested in the pro version but I would need custom post support.
@swinterroth Working on it now, Scott. :)
Great plugin! Btw there's a warning, No such file or directory in class-wpcomplete-admin.php on line 323. I'm on local MAMP, multisite enable.
@mohdhazwan Thanks for the heads up. Will take a look at that error. And at this point, we don't officially support multisite as we are still in the process of going through and making sure it works properly. EDIT: Should be fixed now.
I'm confused - don't most wp MLS systems indicate that a page is complete?
@passingnotes hi david, i'm not sure what MLS systems have to do with online courses. do you mean LMS? but the main course platform we tested on was RestrictContentPro which doesn't have that functionality. We also tested on Memberful, which doesn't have that functionality. This can also be used as a stand-alone plugin, removed from any LMS software. Does that help clear things up?
@pjrvs yup, meant lms - autocorrect - was thinking of learn dash, sensei, wplms and others that are built around learning, thought they showed progress but I could be wrong
@passingnotes You're probably not wrong. But our goal was to create the simplest and most straight forward tool that did one thing and did it really well: let students or members mark pages as completed. If that's all you need or your current solution doesn't have that functionality (but you'd like it), then we are a good addition.