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#5 Product of the WeekNovember 13, 2019
WPCOM is a community/directory platform that gathered more than 350 WordPress related resources to save time when you're building your WordPress website. Discover WordPress resources as well as the ratings, comments and experiences from the actual users.
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Hello everybody! After 6 months of design, development and content curation process, we've finally launched the biggest curated directory for WordPress and I feel delighted to share with the community of Product Hunters. ## Why we built this? WPCOM is born with one simple idea; discovering all of the WordPress resources in one place -- to save time and have a bigger perspective about them. While doing this, we have curated some of the resources according to our previous experiences as well as adding the other possible alternatives, so actual users can share and rate their experiences to lead others. ## About the resources WordPress is a huge iceberg and like every iceberg, there are parts that we've never heard of, or never explored yet. Did you know that there are more than 50.000+ plugins alone in WordPress.org directory? Can you imagine how many WordPress services, tools, resources spread all over the internet? That's why, we've extensively gathered and carefully selected 350+ resources in 5 main categories; Tools, Hosting, Themes, Support and Courses. In terms of numbers and current date, this is the biggest curated directory for WordPress. ## About how you can contribute We're trying to build more than directory... a community where people can have a voice over the resources. So any comments, suggestions and shares will help us to make this platform more than just a directory. Thank you for checking this out! :)
Hello, i'd love to recommend you a project we are working on, can we chat ?
@juanpablosarmi hey, why not? Drop an email to atakan@wpcom.org and I'll get back to you asap.
The insane variety is why I love and Hate wordpresss :) Many possibilities make you always question if your design is perfect or not
@roncothronovich Right? Actually that's the exact starting point when we decided to build WPCOM. There are lot's of possibilities -- which is great but at the same time, there are lot's of downfalls as well; some resources may have bad documentations, badly coded or sent uncachable requests which makes your server/hosting bloated. So, we have gathered these resources according our previous experiences as developers, as well as doing some research about the possible alternatives. I hope WPCOM makes your life easier when selecting your next WordPress tool, hosting, theme or support service! :)
@atknoz I think there's a lot of potential but wish it would have many more free plugins and themes. Or at least way to filter it
@roncothronovich I hear you. Noted this! :) It's hard to find extensively problem solver tools without any cost. At the end, you find yourself adding bunch of free plugins even for small things... 40 plugins, 50 plugins... Updating them, checking their security patches etc... Huh, lot's of parameters right? We tried to do our best to add free plugins -- the ones that solves big problems compared to their alternatives. Nearly %25-%30 of listed plugins are free or have a freemium option to trial. However, we're planning to add more filters and even badges for the v2. Stay tuned :)
@roncothronovich Interesting observation Ron. Every time I use the admin panel, one or another pops up which gets my attention in a pretty useful way. Makes me rethink , whether I have planned everything or not :)
Great product, I hate that I didn't think of it first... Reach out man radu@wpelo.com
So a curated list of affiliate links? Not to hate, but the site doesn't offer any type of comparison between plugins or help in choosing which one is right for me. What good is a curated list of 13 SEO plugins that don't provide any direction as to which one is best for me or how they differ? If it's a review based system, then it's unfortunately one of those chicken and egg scenarios where which came first, the user base or the value of being a member? Without the reviews or comparisons between options within each category, it doesn't provide more value than simply Google searching "best SEO Wordpress Plugin" and reading breakdowns from bloggers and developers who have done the legwork breaking things down and earning the commission). Good luck, but it needs work to provide value. An up/down voting mechanism within categories at a minimum. Importing review scores from WP.org perhaps as a supplement. But mostly, I have no basis for why this curation is better than a smaller more targeted curated list. I think those aspects need work.
@paul_e_drecksler Thank you for your feedback! I know it sounds like a curated list of affiliate links at this point but let me clear that is not our motivation to build something like that. WPCOM is a curated directory where you can discover tools, hosting providers, themes, support services and courses. It serves as a directory in our first release and in this first release, we aim to introduce different types of resources in one place. So, a visitor can discover - or - share their experiences on the resources. However, we're listening advices for our platform and we're going to aim to create content and enrich the resource pages that will help the visitors to choose the right resource -- such as adding pros and cons, coupon/discount codes (where applicable), collections, reviews and much more! Please consider this as a first release of a startup. We're not here for "publish-bank-close" schema, neither we'll not shut our website down right after release like many other directories do. We're here to build something meaningful and helpful for the WordPress community. Stay tuned for the next releases and get in touch with me personally at atakan@wpcom.org - if you've any advices or suggestions :) I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.