WP SlackSync

Synchronize Slack channels + chats with your Wordpress site

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WP SlackSync is a Wordpress plugin that lets you integrate and synchronize your Slack channels with your Wordpress website. There is an auto invite function for team/community members who don't have access to your Slack team yet. If they do, they can easily login with their account. This plugin is created because of my own needs, but apparently there were more people who would like to have such an addon/plugin. Thats why we extended some functions, and we will be adding more soon. If you have any ideas or requests, just let us know. Would love to hear your thoughts! If you guys have any questions regarding WP SlackSync, don't hesitate to ask them! **UPDATE: There is a demo of the plugin now, see: http://www.wpslacksync.com/demo/
Been looking for an easy solution to autoinvite people to a slack group.
@tracyingram if you are using WordPress, you could use the invite function of WP SlackSync, and hide the login with Slack button. A little tweak but will work fine!
@tracyingram You can test the auto invite function here: http://www.wpslacksync.com/demo/
Nifty. We were looking to migrate our forums over to a bbPress system and tie in a slack channel on the back-end... this makes that even easier!
@rossdcurrie Yes it does! One of our customers is replacing their forums with Slack and uses our plugin as a replacement. Its pretty awesome! You can take the plugin for a test drive over here: http://www.wpslacksync.com/demo/
@lucyeind @rossdcurrie Oh, we'll definitely be keeping our forums. But there's a need to augment with live chat too, especially since our group hosts regular, spontaneous meetups, there's always a need to see "who's out right now?".. while still saving our core forum structure for longer posts.
Hard to believe I just found this app when it's a year old, but this is a must for online course creators who want to build a community that's not a forum OR a private Facebook group. Slack on WordPress, with auto-invite? It's like a dream come true!
Also, we would like to Shout Out to @levelsio, who wrote a great article about the invite feature of Slack! We used part of it to create the realtime auto invite function in the plugin. Thanks!