WP Email Delivery

Managed email delivery for WordPress

#4 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2015
Neat idea, but I, as a developer, can't justify paying anything for something like this. Mailgun is more than sufficient, although the couple Mailgun WordPress plugins that exist need some attention. Still, interacting with the Mailgun API from anywhere is really simple and straightforward.
@tlongren its base plan is half the price of mailgun, for people that don't need to send a large volume of emails
This is a good idea for non-developers. Reading further down, it looks like they make use of mandrill and other providers for delivering the emails. May be that you are paying for them and for delivery, but didn't see that detail.
@clickbrain each plan includes the delivery part as well you don't have to worry about having a separate Mandrill account.
Looks good. Not available yet for WP multisite, but this would be very helpful for handling email from multisite users setting their own sending info.
@scottmagdalein Hi Scott, I also saw you sent us an email. We are working on Network activation for multisite now and i will reply to your email about possibly getting you setup early with multisite if you wanted.
from the makers of SendPress
Can't figure out what they do better than MailChimp/Mandrill.
@emilstahl seems cheaper than mandrill (basic plan starts at $5/month vs $10/month) and I think that one of the main benefits is it integrates seamlessly with wordpress and can take over the email sending responsibilities for lots of inbuilt plugins.
@_jacksmith @emilstahl it does save you some on smaller plans with Mandrill currently costing $9.95 for 25k emails. We have seen a lot of customers that just don't need that large of an account. Thats why we have the yearly plans that start at $18 per year for 500. We do a few other things to help manage sender reputation. We keep our own shared bounce list across all our customers. So if you send to an address that hard bounces and then if someone else tries that same address with 7 days it get marked as a bounce. We also verify that every email address that is sent to from our system actually has proper MX records and a receiving mail server that responds. Also any bounced or bad email is not counted against your sending limit. Also since we created the plugin and are WordPress developers one big advantage is that we provide you with direct support on getting everything setup. We provide support via email to anyone who makes a purchase and will help them figure out and debug their email sending issues.