WP Dispensary

Complete marijuana dispensary menu solution for WordPress

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Finally, some MMJ integration into WP. Nice @deviorobert! However, with all of the existing strain databases/directories, etc., does your product integrate with any of the APIs out there, such as Leafly's or SmokeReports for instance, or plan to?
@akhanukov thanks! Yeah I actually have a WordPress plugin I built for Leafly Reviews, and am planning on a couple more for a Leafly Location widget and Leafly Specials. These will all be free add-ons, and then I've got a Leafly Import add-on being created now that will pull in all of a dispensaries menu and populate the WP site, which will be paid add-on
I'm fielding any questions about the plugin, so fire away if you have any!
@deviorobert hey Robert! Thanks for taking questions :) What would you say is the number one use case for the plugin?
@nivo0o0 It's built specifically for medical marijuana dispensaries so they can show off what's on the menu in their brick and mortar stores. Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles and Pre-rolls are all built with custom post types and utilize taxonomies to integrate it all perfectly with WordPress.
What does a dispensary need that doesn't already exist in other plugins / combinations of plugins?
@seanbolak The WP Dispensary plugin is built specifically for dispensary owners, and has all of the items in a normal menu built in (pricing per gram/eighth/quarter/half/oz, strain types, etc) As far as I know, there's no other dispensary menu plugin out there.
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