WP Coupons

A wordpress plugin for affiliate marketers & bloggers

Hello, I am one of the owners and developers of the WP Coupons plugin. We run a marketing blog, https://woorkup.com/, and we originally started by creating this as a way to help increase our conversions and CTR. They say the best products come from those out of need, that is exactly what happened with this. As time went on I kept getting emails from people asking what we were using on our site. Finally we decided to go full blown on the development and release it to the public. See our feature requests: https://wpcoupons.io/docs/featur... and changelog: https://wpcoupons.io/docs/change... We are committed to making this the #1 coupon plugin for WordPress specifically targeted towards bloggers and affiliate marketers. We have a special discount just for product hunt readers, use the coupon code: producthunt for 15% of your entire purchase!
If you're running any type of website: Tutorials, Affiliate Marketing, Teaching Classes, Recipe Blog, or ...anything really! ...then you'll NEED this plugin!! The magic benefit of the plugin comes in when you realize that you can "stick" a coupon on a per/post basis. But don't let the word "coupon" limit your thinking! Once you realize that the "coupon" can be ANY Call-To-Action, that's when the real BENEFIT of WPCoupons is realized. Way too many times I see sites that simply FAIL to leave a Call-To-Action above the fold and in CONSTANT CLEAR SIGHT of their site visitor! WPCoupons completely SOLVES that problem!
@bradkgriffin Thanks for the comment Brad! We should definitely work on making that more clear in our marketing. You can name it discounts, coupons, deals, etc. Can really be anything. The slugs, titles can all be changed. I am even using this on a gluten-free website myself :)
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