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Thanks for hunting us @monsterknuckle! We're happy to be on Product Hunt! Some quick info on our WordPress Plugin: WP Backend File Search lets you search all WordPress Theme and Plugin files at once - so you don't have to open each CSS, PHP and JS file individually to find the code you're looking for. It's pretty seamless - you can do the search directly in the editor window, and the search returns the filename/line number where the search string is located, along with a direct link to jump right to it. It's a real time-saver for those situations where you know the code you're looking for, but don’t know what file it’s hiding in. The plugin also includes a few extra tweaks to improve your WordPress editor: -Color/Themes for Default Editor (We've included 33 different themes to match your favorite coding environment, like XCode, Github, Dreamweaver and more) -Line Numbering (Keep your editor neat & organized, by automatically adding numbers to each line of code) -Wrapped Lines (No more side-scrolling! Line wrapping makes reading & editing easier - now long lines of code are wrapped, so they fit the width of the editor window) We hope you find this WordPress tool useful! It's been a huge help as we tinker and tweak all our WP sites.
To celebrate our hunt, we're offering a 60% discount for PH members for the rest of the month. Use coupon code PH60, and the plugin is less than $5.00!