Woz U

Steve Wozniak's new tech education platform


Woz U is specialized in technology and career-based programs designed to get people into the workforce quickly and affordably. Inspired by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

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  • Erik Florida
    Erik FloridaTechnical Lead @macys.com

    None, nothing new/unique


    Does not appear to actual involve Woz in any way, just his name.

    This program is not a new product developed by Woz and team. It appears to be a licensing gimmick with http://www.scitexas.edu/ which, no one here would be up-voting and signing up for a software dev course from that website.

    Do your research before you give your phone number to scam artists.

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  • Rick Segal
    Rick SegalFormer USAF, MSFT, VC, now w/Samsung.

    Another Educational opportunity


    This is linked to Southern Careers Institute who is going to call you and press you to sign up.

    This is super, crazy, disappointing. @stevewoz? You believe in 'redefining' education and you essentially give you name to SCI? "Inspired by" isn't you doing much beyond lending your name. Trump Steaks would be a bit much of a comparison, but gezz, after all these years, this is the best you can do? No pricing? People cold calling me? Really? Disappointing...

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  • Christopher Leach
    Christopher LeachProgrammer and Student

    Didn't really have any


    Uses Woz's name thats it, cold calls you twice a day pressuring for decision

    I was interested in signing up with these guys and went through the application process. It was a pretty relaxed application process and I got accepted within the first phone call. I was a bit sketched out about how fast they wanted me to sign up and pay. They kepy saying the class started Oct 30 when that was two weeks away and I should pay soon etc. I eventually just stopped accepting calls because they would call me at work (I work nights and specifically said don't call that time.) Did further research and found out they where cold calling veterans trying to get them to sign up. Thanks but after all that I'm ok.

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  • Pros: 

    Not sure


    Looks like another way of selling a dying down interest in bootcamps

    - Website name has a dash =) Really?

    - No association with Wozniak apart from first three letters of the last name

    - Expensive

    - Poor mobile app (iphone only, not even universal)

    - They said that I can only fill out an application over the phone with the same rep that called me, who then asked for my name, address, phone and Social Security Number. =) Claiming that the SSN is required for FAFSA and that I have to disclose it over the phone in order to see, if I qualify for the financial aid. REALLY?

    At this point, I hope that it is just another bootcamp, and not some sort of bigger scam.

    It did get a lot of press coverage, so I would think that a lot of people will show interest. But giving my full information to some guy over the phone having all of the above on the back of my mind makes me wonder.

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  • ben
    benDirector of UX Engineering

    None that I could find. Presumably aims to educate people?


    Terrible signup experience; possibly a scam?

    I'm always looking for more ways to learn, so I eagerly downloaded this when I got the Product Hunt email about it.

    Went to sign up with email/password, and right away: there are hidden password restrictions. It says "must be at least 6 characters with one capital letter and one number", so a long 1Password random-word-string won't work, but I used a 32-character generated 1Password random string, and the fields stayed red. After a bunch of trial and error, I discovered that there's a max of 15 characters. Why 15? Who knows? Why not tell the user why the password is invalid? Who also knows?

    Then I did the Evaluation, which was intriguing and I was excited to see what it told me, but the (I assume) final screen simply says "Please enter your phone number so we may contact you about scholarships and additional free learning material." There's one form field, and a grayed-out submit button. No way to opt out or not provide phone number. No way to continue without giving it or agreeing to what are clearly spam phone calls. My phone is constantly getting unwanted calls already, so I'm not interested in giving it out with the expressed intent of increasing that volume.

    That's when I came back here and discovered the other reviews. I guess I don't know a ton about what Woz has been up to lately, but I'm surprised he would put his name and likeness on this.

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  • Yadi Younse
    Yadi YounseCo-founder at fintech Motiv



    Sounds like just using the Woz name. What will this cost people?

    Looks scammy

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  • Pros: 

    Not sure. Doesn't give any demos


    Asks for phone number. Doesn't allow you to log in immediately. Not transparent on pricing or if it's free.

    Is this the Trump University of bootcamps? There little transparency on WHAT this exactly is.

    Anthony Flores has used this product for one day.
  • Hunter Mefford
    Hunter MeffordLiving the dream

    fun times


    not sure

    I haven't been to any of the online classes but I downloaded and installed the app from the app store. It turns out i'm supposed to be a developer!

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  • Richard Secor
    Richard SecorIT Consultant



    Missing PHP. Missing Perl. Missing *NIX

    Looked through uninformative Website.

    I was extremely surprised Wozniak put his name on something so anti-tech.

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