Woz U

Steve Wozniak's new tech education platform

#3 Product of the WeekOctober 13, 2017

Woz U is specialized in technology and career-based programs designed to get people into the workforce quickly and affordably. Inspired by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

  • Rick Segal
    Rick SegalFormer USAF, MSFT, VC, now w/Samsung.

    Another Educational opportunity


    This is linked to Southern Careers Institute who is going to call you and press you to sign up.

    This is super, crazy, disappointing. @stevewoz? You believe in 'redefining' education and you essentially give you name to SCI? "Inspired by" isn't you doing much beyond lending your name. Trump Steaks would be a bit much of a comparison, but gezz, after all these years, this is the best you can do? No pricing? People cold calling me? Really? Disappointing...

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  • Erik Florida
    Erik FloridaTechnical Lead @macys.com

    None, nothing new/unique


    Does not appear to actual involve Woz in any way, just his name.

    This program is not a new product developed by Woz and team. It appears to be a licensing gimmick with http://www.scitexas.edu/ which, no one here would be up-voting and signing up for a software dev course from that website.

    Do your research before you give your phone number to scam artists.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Woz U's focus is on making tech education affordable. From @stevewoz: "Our goal is to educate and train people in employable digital skills without putting them into years of debt" I'm curious how this is different from Codecademy, Udemy, Skillshare, Treehouse, and many other incumbents.
Charlie Benkendorf
Charlie Benkendorf@cbenkendorf · Growth Marketer
@stevewoz @rrhoover IMHO, it's the packaging. You could find all the components on all the sites you named, but Woz puts it into a package like a bootcamp. https://avant.looker.com/looks/2... There's a certain level of trust built up when you can see how all the components tie together to achieve a result (ah yes, I see how all these skills add up to be a strong foundation to be a programmer. It's not just learning Ruby or X software). I think Treehouse is the closest thing from the incumbent list you named. But even then, the objectives are "build a website", or "learn Ruby", vs "get a career as a software developer" in Woz's site. Also Woz's site includes curriculum to become a computer support specialist, which is something I haven't seen too much of. Most online education has been focused on programming, design, or data science. Curiously the Woz site doesn't talk about how long it takes for students to get thru program, or even estimates. That worries me a bit. At least Treehouse mentions it's 6-12 months for students putting in several hours per day. Also no pricing also worries me a bit.
Vytas Butkevicius
Vytas Butkevicius@vytasbu · Freelance designer
@stevewoz @rrhoover very interesting indeed. My guess would be that their courses are more similar to traditional CS degree. I've done Codecademy courses myself and they only give you the basic understanding.
Vytas Butkevicius
Vytas Butkevicius@vytasbu · Freelance designer
@stevewoz @rrhoover @cbenkendorf it says the whole course takes 33 weeks (their about page).
Hayden Evans
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
@rrhoover I think the “assessment” piece kinda differentiates this a little. None of the other platforms assess where you are currently at before suggesting courses to take next right when you sign up. That and Woz is involved!
@stevewoz @rrhoover @cbenkendorf You're right, it's packaging, or more accurately a repackaging of SCI's online program: http://www.scitexas.edu/programs... https://woz-u.com/curriculum-sof...
Mike Ohana
Mike Ohana@michaelohana · CEO, AlumnEye
it says "part of SCI" on the footer, which links to http://www.scitexas.edu/ suddenly this looks really cheap licensing of Woz picture on the front to sell traditional online courses...
Nicole Nelson
Nicole Nelson@nicole_nelson1 · Arizona & Tech
@michaelohana @productpearson Hi Mike, I see the confusion with thinking Woz U is a part of SCI! I work for Woz U and would like to help clear this up :) SCI, along with many other schools such as Bethel Tech and NJIT, partner with us to gain access to our curriculum. Although SCI is our partner through our Education as a Service model (EaaS), we are our own entity and not owned by any other school.
John Blakley
John Blakley@inventanew · art teacher
The form to enroll on mobile doesn’t work on iPhone 6
Riel Roussopoulos
Riel Roussopoulos@djriel · Producer
@inventanew or on desktop {"status": "success", "attempt": "59e0fcac-71ca-447a-a150-f3c04bec6e90", "id": "250259c3-ee56-4224-93d2-b28a394bd0ac", "request_id": "59e0fcac-71ca-447a-a150-f3c04bec6e90"} doesn't inspire confidence that's for sure :)
Jon Moore
Jon Moore@shoshinzen
@inventanew @djriel You can bet @SteveWoz isn't the one answering tickets :)
Riel Roussopoulos
Riel Roussopoulos@djriel · Producer
@inventanew @stevewoz @shoshinzen lol ... I'm guessing not :) Probably not doing the zapier hookup they screwed up either :)
Riel Roussopoulos
Riel Roussopoulos@djriel · Producer
@inventanew @stevewoz @shoshinzen I feel bad for him, classic launch glitches I guess it happens to the best of them :)
Guus Hoeve
Guus Hoeve@guus_hoeve · keydrop.co
Here's the thing and most of you should ask this question; say Wozniak wasn't the face of this platform, would you take the course? What's left or different then other courses out there?... To me this sounds like well branded course that is jumping on the bandwagon of online education for thos aspiring a tech carreer. So they pulled Steve in to persuade the flock that wants to jump on the bandwagon for people unhappy with their current jobs.
Sven van der Zee
Sven van der Zee@svenvdz · Founder PlayStudio apps
When is the android version coming ;)