Animate elements on-scroll to catch attention. Such Magic.

#5 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2014
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Hi all! I keep seeing new products on Product Hunt using WOW.js including Box, Microsoft or Tilt. I think the community is going to love this. I originally created WOW.js for a friend (@webalys) and quickly realized that a lot of people wanted this. It’s super simple and I use it on all my new products in different ways such as MaterialUp or Fliplingo (see related links). There’s no dependency like jQuery, it’s lightweight, super simple to use and of course open source. I hope you like it!
I'm one of the contributors, I think it’s a great library that can help anyone with or without technical knowledge animate elements on a web page. Happy to answer any technical questions.
@attilaolah Thanks Attila. A lot of credit goes to you. I've just checked and you actually made more commits than me on this one.
@mattaussaguel Yeah, I knew that. And I never actually merged my "experimental" branch :)
I can't wait to use this in pretty much all of my future projects!
@lucasjgordon Thanks Lucas :)
Upvoted for GREAT use of Comic Sans! Also the product itself is cool. But mainly I'm happy about the use of Comic Sans.
@sleinadsanoj haha awesome. All the credit goes to @webalys for the font choice.
It's a bold move to roll with the comic sans -- well done! Handy little lib.