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Zaizhuang ChengHiring@zaizhuang · Software engineer
@jeff_minimal nice clean website! If you're targeting engineers with this product, you might want to dive into more technical details on your landing page, or at least provide a link to some docs. I use transifex to build translations directly into javascript assets, do you guys enable that too?
Théo Blochet@theoblochet · Product Guy. Currently @GetQonto
@zaizhuang Agreed, some technical explanation is needed for such a product. At least some partial documentation would help a lot with conversions.
@zaizhuang I completely agree with you. That is near the top of our list of priorities. We'd like to provide a service that is simple enough for a blogger to use, but then gives the flexibility and control a developer/designer needs. To that end, in our next major update, we'll be giving users options to customize the WOVN.io widget or they can build their own from the ground up. As far as building translations directly into javascript assets, we're more focused on providing multilingualization for websites and for the content an end user sees. We do, however, use javascript to power the delivery and display of that content!
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
The service allows visitors to translate a website one HTML tag at a time, offering both machine translation and “premium” human translation (courtesy of crowdsourced translation platform Gengo, a fellow Tokyo startup). New pages are auto-translated as they’re added and a subscription plan (to be implemented by the end of October) allows the site owner to customize the WOVN widget. WOVN supports the top ten languages on the web based on percentage of total internet users (in order): English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, and Korean. Perhaps the biggest difference between just clicking “Translate” at the top of your Chrome browser and using WOVN is customizability.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Clever idea but Chrome and other browsers automatically suggest translating websites in foreign languages, to your native tongue so I'm not sure how useful this would be for most visitors. It would be nice if the widget suggested the appropriate language based on the computer's settings.
@rrhoover Thanks for the comment! It's true that Google translate allows a visitor to translate any given website. However, WOVN.io is intended for the developers/owners of websites. Using wovn, you have control over what translation is displayed on your site. You can edit and write your own translations as well as manage all of your various translations in one place. You could use machine translation, but we also offer professional, human-powered translations. We do detect your language based on your browser's settings and we'll save your preferred choice as well!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@jeff_minimal ahh, gotcha. I didn't realize you could define the translation yourself. Do you provide publishers the opportunity to automatically translate the page based on their computer's default language settings?
@rrhoover You decide which translations you want to provide, and we give you complete control over what those will be. So you could use machine translations, professional translations, or (if you're multilingual yourself) you could write your own translations. In any case you have complete control over the content the user will see, but you have to create these translations beforehand. That being said, we've built in machine and professional translations, so creating this content is simple. When a user visits your site, we will look at the available translations, the user's browser settings, and their most recent selection using the WOVN.io widget. If we can provide a language that they have selected previously, or that matches their browser settings, we'll seelect that one automatically. We also have a feature that will automatically index new pages on your site and then translate them into the language of your choice.
Felipe Pacheco@fepacheco · Creator @hicMonsters
@jeff_minimal That seems very promising, Jeff! I am a brazilian travel blogger and my friends from other countries always want to read the blog posts but I think is a shame to rely on Google Translate for that. I quickly tried here with my blog's home and seems very good. I have a few questions/ideas like how to use it better on Wordpress, SEO and thinks like that are very useful to other bloggers but I will test it better in the next days and send you a feedback using the form. :)
@fepacheco Thanks Felipe, looking forward to your comments and feedback!
Hi everyone, this is Jeff Sandford, co-founder of WOVN.io. Thanks for upvoting us! If you have any questions or comments, I'll be around to answer them!