An intelligent personal emergency platform

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So what makes this intelligent?
@itsthisjustin thank you for your interest and question. In the background WOVER collects and analyzes sensor data from your smartphone with the purpose of understanding your contextual activity patterns. Once this patterns have been established, WOVER monitors for significant changes that may indicate existing or impending emergencies. For instance if you check in a bar and you have too much to drink, your motion will be affected. WOVER will understand the change (walking signature) and context (bar) and will try to make you avoid driving. If an emergency happens, WOVER will notify automatically your contacts even if you are not able to do so. Currently WOVER collects and trains itself only to understand the user contextual activity patterns. Everything is done privately and no user data is shared with third parties, except your emergency contacts and only if an emergency happens. The functionality is available also as an SDK for transparent integration into 3rd party apps.