Evidence-based developer hiring platform

We believe traditional hiring is broken for candidates and for teams. It's broken because resumes, credentials, gut-feel, quizzes, and bias are easy. Woven makes it just as easy to hire with evidence: real-world team-based engineering scenarios evaluated with an objective rubric and completed in about an hour

Tyler Moore
Michael John Parker
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    Alternative to every other way to hire developers.


    None come to mind.

    I highly recommend Woven. It helped us hire the right head of engineering when we couldn’t afford the wrong hire.

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After 11 years of startup engineer hiring, 3 years of actually using evidence, and 9 months of working with beta customers, I'm proud to announce Woven- the evidence-based developer hiring platform for high-growth teams! Despite what that guy on HN says, the practice of doing software engineering during interviews is good for candidates and good for teams. The alternative is credentialism and biased ad-hoc conversations. But it's super hard to build and evaluate engineering scenarios that respect a candidate's time! I know, because I poured hundreds of hours into making mine not suck. Most engineering leaders don't have hundreds of hours, so as an industry, we're stuck. We're stuck reversing a linked list on a whiteboard, filling out multiple choice quizzes, or spending 20 hours on a take-home test building a web app from scratch with instructions to "just spend 2-3 hours". And don't even get me started on bias and error in evaluating these things! So what do you think? Do engineering scenarios have a place in a good interview process?
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