Would You Rather. A Newsletter.

Fun as heck illustrated Would You Rather scenarios.

Would You Rather is a weekly(ish) newsletter that includes 1 new would you rather scenario and a breakdown of the responses and data-viz from the last issue.

It's all for fun, and we'll be doing some pretty neat email automation along the way.

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@clickpop awesome art, subscribe. I see how it can be a very popular media. Where is YouTube channel with celebs 😉?
@vladkorobov I'm on it Vlad! Thanks so much for the kind words btw.
I'm having a heckuva time making this newsletter and am super grateful for all the positive vibes and feedback from folks who have subscribed. Would You Rather has been a fun excuse to draw more, experiment with email automation, and have impassioned arguments over the internet about whether it would be better to have to fight a bear with snakes for arms, or a shark that shoots bees out of its mouth (I would personally rather fight the bear). If you sign up, I really hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear any thoughts you have.
Snake Arm Bear v Bee Mouth Shark is a classic that should never be allowed to die.
@keenan_maire_holmes I will carry on the tradition until I'm dead and gone.

The artwork is rad!


I look forward to these each week, they're delightful and silly and so much fun!


None, this newsletter is a just a good time.

This is pretty fun
@codecamcode I seriously appreciate you saying that. I've had a lot of fun making it. If you have ideas on how it could be more fun, I'd really love to hear them!