Support content creators & platforms with as little as ten cents. Send micro-support (called Appreciations) directly on social media platforms you already use to view content.

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How does this work @kennymuli and @abestein0? Looks like an interesting take on the way Patreon works 🤗
@abestein0 @amrith Hey Amrith! Wow, first and foremost, we're really honored to be added to ProductHunt. I woke up just now to quite a surprise! Our tool is an Chrome extension that adds the Worthyt button to websites like Reddit, Twitter, Medium, YouTube and Wikipedia. When you sign up, you can say how much you want each button click to send as a micro-support, which we call an Appreciation. By default, it's set at ten cents ($0.10). After you load your account (the money that you load and/or earn can be withdrawn at any time), you can start clicking the button to send Appreciations. For each Appreciation, 75% goes to the content creator, and 25% gets split for transaction fees, the website it was sent on, and Worthyt. We do this to support both the content creator and the websites that helped deliver that content to the viewer. Try it out! It takes about a minute to sign up and go through the walkthrough. And you should be out the door and ready to Appreciate!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!! It’s looks good
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy it. Please provide any feedback, you can do so directly through the extension!
This is great, reminds me a lot of Steemit and their Smart Media Tokens 🤓
@futurefood_io Yes, definitely; many cryptocurrency enthusiasts mention Steemit. I used Steemit a bit as well, and found the project to be really enjoyable. I think the biggest difference is that we are bringing a reward system to existing Internet platforms like YouTube and Reddit; we aren't creating our own. By doing this, content creators can continue to make their content in environments they're already familiar with and have a loyal following on.
I’m definitely down to try this with my content. Though it seems that two things have to happen: user has to have the extension with their wallet attached and content provider needs it to be enabled as well. Are you doing anything to eliminate the friction?
@dmitrizzle Hi; sorry for the delayed response, I saw this while driving and thought to myself, "I'll respond once I get to my destination" but then one thing led to another... Anyway.... Yes, those two things need to happen, although it's more important that the user has the extension than that the content provider needs to enable it; in fact, the content provider doesn't have to enable anything. The extension is what makes the buttons appear. That being said, we are, in fact, doing things to eliminate the friction of getting content providers on board. We aren't a normal "p2p" tipping system. We consider ourselves a content encouragement system; this means that we want to encourage better content to not just be created, but also seen by people. And we know that the content provider plays a very important role in that step through things like SEO and access to a huge existing user base to help get new content out there. Therefore, we give a % of each Appreciation to the content provider as well; in fact, for normal money transactions, 75% goes to the content creator, 10% goes to the platform, 5-10% goes to transaction fees, and 5% goes to us. For cryptocurrency transactions, 90% goes to the content creator, 5% goes to the platform, and 5% goes to us. You might notice we have much more wiggle room with crypto transactions; that's because we don't have to handle the tx fees associated with crypto. We hope that the % shares in Appreciation that also helps drive revenue for the content provider will encourage the provider's side for supporting us. For users having the extension, we are initiating marketing efforts on our end to help get the word out there--of course, shout outs are always appreciated!
Super cool! Just sign up.
@collabnyc Thanks! Please let me know how your experience goes. Just FYI, if you have any feedback or suggestions, you can submit them directly through the extension or email me at