Earn 5% interest while helping others

We created an alternative way to save that not only pays 5% interest but supports growing businesses across the country. We do this through our proprietary, SEC qualified, $10 Worthy bonds. Bond proceeds are invested in secured, asset-backed loans to American companies. Bonds can also be bought via spare change round-ups for painless savings!

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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@lucashogie - Ha! Not in this case :-) We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and went through a 9 month process of review and audits etc. I totally understand why you'd have that reaction though given that the banks share so little of their upside with their customers so you are used to getting 1% or less! We are simply bringing institutional quality investments to the masses that the 98% were traditionally blocked from accessing. We sell the bonds, take those proceeds and invest them into secured, asset backed loans and then share the interest generated with our bondholders. You can see the process here on our website - https://worthybonds.com/how/. The banks do exactly the same thing with your deposits, they are just not as generous with what they return to you. Thanks for checking us out!
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Hey @theoutlaw, What was your inspiration in building this?
@jacqvon Hi - Thanks for checking us out! My inspiration for creating this was wanting to help people improve their financial health BUT to do it outside of "Wall Street". I'm a huge advocate for community capital (I've been in crowdfunding for 10 years) so wanted to build something that allowed people to access strong financial returns but that also provided the social impact of keeping the money in our communities to help growing businesses. I just added press coverage above that gives some good context to how all this came about :-) Thanks again!
This is very cool! I love that you're supporting small businesses. It would be extra cool if you gave incentives, like better interest rates, to worker-owned businesses. After all, worker-owned businesses see 4-5% higher levels of productivity, more stability, and lower rates of employee turnover and business closure :). Link on those statistics: https://www.fastcompany.com/4057... One question I have personally is why do you require social security number to sign up? I'm just skeptical of giving away that information to unfamiliar brands. Maybe a tooltip underneath that field explaining why you collect that info would be helpful and increase conversions.
@zach_beasley Hi - Thanks for your comment and question (sorry I'm just seeing it now..thought I'd get an email alert if someone commented). We have to get the SS# for 2 reasons..first it is part of the payment processor's requirement as they go through a required identification verification process so that's why they need it as part of the on-boarding and secondly we need it for tax purposes to send out the form for the earned interest. And yikes..thought we did have a pop up that explained why we need it...I'll have to check on that! Thanks again!
Hello, i can't download the app on the Play Store, there is a message : "The application is not compatible with your devices" Thanks for the help
@chr1s Hi there. Sorry to hear...not sure what to say about that? No one else has mentioned an issue like this. If you try again and it doesn't work, can you ping us through our customer service system on our website and then we can get more details and can assign it to our tech team to look into? In the meantime, feel free to go here on the web to register - https://worthy.capital . Thanks!
I am going to followup with skepticism as many people do. I am a math major, statistical business analyst. As with all businesses, your not in this just to help people, "It is a Business" and to continue surviving you have to make a profit. How does Worthy manage this with current speculations of a "4.5%-5% market growth over 10 years"? If your paying out 5% that does not allow for grow in your company or profit to continue as a company in the future?
@jon_thurston I think I can answer that for @theoutlaw. Worthy funds its operational costs from the spread between the 5% we offer our users and the higher interest rate paid by our borrowers (which varies from case to case). I'm not sure where the market growth over 10 years speculation is from, but we also hope to grow both the bond sales and loan issuing sides at least that fast 😉