WorstSelf Deck

A limited-edition card game to roast and toast your friends

Best Self's evil alter-go Worst Self has the perfect gift to roast and toast your friends this holiday season. Whether you’re unashamedly late to everything, start political discussions on FB or your primary language is emoji, today we celebrate YOU!
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I've been getting into card games lately. I recently played cards against humanity. Wow. Just wow, what a game. Now this. I wonder what people will think up next!
This holiday season we've let BestSelf's alter-ego [WorstSelf] take the wheel. With this limited edition game it's time to admit and celebrate our imperfections - (you know, the things we don't put on our holiday cards or our "perfect" social media life.) Rather than preaching good habits, let's just be aware of bad one's and celebrate them for the first time with the people who already know us best (and still hang out with us anyway despite being our worst self at times) Whether it's with friends or family this game will make you laugh, laugh-cry and bring an awareness to how you show up in the world.
Very cool! Want to get this for my extended group of friends
@john_wade 40% off today - worstself.co, get for all your friends and foes ;)
Hilarious. Well done Cat + team.
@joelrunyon Thanks Joel!
How many cards are included? Is this appropriate for kids?