Worms WMD

New generation of Worms, with vehicles and cartoon graphics

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Haven't been super fond of the last few generations of Worms. Felt like they were introducing new mechanics that didn't really serve the strategy that makes the series so good. Hoping this iteration will be a return to form.
Worms is one of my favorite PC games from childhood. They're so darn adorable and destructive.
Brilliant! Worms was one of the only games I could play as a kid because my parents wouldn't upgrade the PC. My obsession with Worms led me to create a website, which was the very first thing I ever made in HTML, and later the first CGI-Perl projects I ever created. I ran Worms Universe/Wormtopia under the monicker 'Kiljaeden' (pre-WoW) from 1996-2001. At its peak I was pulling in about 1600 uniques a day and got invited over to the Gamespy Network with @joostschuur. Running that site taught me that content was king, how to build communities and how to crush competition. I still have a drawer full of Worms swag, including T-Shirts, a light-up metallic watch, stickers, trade show promos, demo discs and even condoms (think they're well-expired by now). I even caught up with the original creator, Andy Davidson, once for lunch in the UK Fun fact - the Concrete Donkey was actually real. As a child, when Andy was misbehaving, his mother would threaten to cover him in concrete like the Donkey that sat in their back yard. He spent hours in his youth chipping away at the hind leg of the donkey trying to find the fur underneath.
@rossdcurrie Nice to see you pop up again, Ross! I randomly got recognized here in London at the coworking facility I work out of by another StratgeyPlanet alumni not too long ago.
Hopefully this will be a solid reboot for the series. They seem to have added some new strategic elements like vehicles and the ability to enter buildings! They also announced Worms 4 for mobile, looking forward to playing that :)
Echo the sentiments of others here, worms was always best in its simple stripped back form, with 'Armageddon' being the best in the series. Let's hope they really take things back to its roots with simple fun gameplay and hand-drawn style artwork.